kitten the frog

lil biz vacation

I went to Libby Lu, I got a little doggie (toy) it's name is Happy. I also got a makeover. It was wonderful, they did my nails, and make-up, and my hair like cinderella. They gave me a crown and a make-up thing that comes with lip stick and eye lashes things. It took a long time to finish but it was worth it. They put a million bobby pins in my hair.

I went to Sea World, I liked doing everything. I fed the dolphins and petted them. We also saw a great show, about sea lions and sea otters. There was also pirates! A pirate was looking for treasure and they all split it. One of the pirates was pretending to drown and a sea lion saved him, but his pants fell down, it was hilarious.

I also saw the Shamu show with the new baby born 2 days ago now. (when we were they it was born just the day before.) Also I got a shamu shirt. It's really nice.